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Mailing Address for all:

401 W Cedar Ave #8, Gladwin, MI 48624


Kyle Grove  District #1

Butman, Clement, Gladwin & Sherman Townships


Ron Taylor  District #2

Sage Township & Gladwin City



Michael Szuch  District #3

Bourret, Billings, Bentley, Grim and Secord Townships


Karen Moore  District #4

Buckeye, Hay & Tobacco Townships


Rick Grove  District #5

Beaverton City, Beaverton & Grout Townships



Jeanette M. Snyder  District #1

City of Coleman, Edenville, Geneva & Jerome Twps, Village of Sanford & Warren Township

4740 N. Anna Lane

Sanford, MI 48657

Bd. Office 989.832.6381       Cell 989.430.1020


Mark Bone  District #2

Hope, Larkin, Lincoln & Mills Townships

3644 Coyote Ridge Circle

Midland, MI  48642

Bd. Office 989.832.6382     Work 989.631.3511


Steve Glaser  District #3

Greendale, Homer, Jasper, Lee & Porter Townships

1186 Meadowlark Lane

Midland, MI 48640

Bd. Office 989.832.6383

Home      989.832.4417        Cell 989.264.4933


Gaye Terwillegar  District #4

City of Midland, Ingersoll, Midland & Mount HaleyTownships

2636 Freeland Rd

Freeland, MI 48623

Bd. Office 989.832.6386       Cell 989.430.5507


James Geisler  District #5

City of Midland

5813 Sturgeon Ave.

Midland, MI  48640

Bd. Office 989.832.6387       Work  989.839.7117


Eric A. Dorrien  District #6

City of Midland

3207 Dawn Drive

Midland MI 48642

Bd. Office 989.832.6388

Home      989.615.1982        Cell: 989.948.3654


Scott Noesen  District #7

City of Midland

2006 Eastman Avenue

Midland MI 48640

Bd. Office 989.832.6389     Home   989.839.9765

Suggested Key Points of Your Letter

  • The May 2020 failure of the mid-Michigan dams was caused by the failure of federal regulators to hold a private dam owner in compliance.


  • Is not fair to hold property owners, who did nothing wrong, with footing the entire bill to restore the lakes.


  • While a local special assessment may be necessary to help restore the lakes, I am also writing letters to seek state and federal assistance.


  • I support the FLTF plan to restore the lakes. This is the ONLY plan, no one has put forth a Plan B to restore the lakes. I seek your support of the FLTF plan.


  • Doing nothing is NOT AN OPTION. To keep the local economy, property values and tax base in place, the lakes must be restored.


  • Restoring the Lakes will restore the local economy, restore property values, keep the local tax base from collapse and create jobs for our area.


  • We need your help to secure state and federal funds.


  • What can I do to help you secure funding?

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