Call to Action!

As property owners, local businesses and friends of the lakes, we can contact government officials to gain their support to help restore the lakes. People often think that contacting their government officials will not have any effect. On the contrary, legislators are extremely interested in what the public has to say and it can garner their support to our cause.


There is bipartisan legislation introduced in both the Michigan House and Senate to provide $500 Million for Dam Repairs and Restoration.  This legislation includes significant funding for the FLTF plan to restore the lakes. Michigan Legislature Proposes $500 Million for Dam Repair and Restoration.


At the Federal level, both Senators Stabenow and Peters along with Representatives Moolenaar, Kildee, Dingell and Lawrence submitted a bipartisan written request to both the EPA and FERC seeking their assistance and support to work with local officials, stakeholders, the State of Michigan and the FLTF as they move forward to repair and restore the dams.  U.S. Senators & Members of Congress from Michigan Support Lake Community.



For the Michigan legislation, there is a process the bills will follow through the summer to get them to a formal vote in the Fall.  For today, we need to write the sponsors of this legislation to say thank you for their support and ask what else can we do to help these bills become law signed by the Governor.  CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF STATE SPONSORS AND SUGGESTED POINTS FOR YOUR LETTER


For the Federal letter of support, we need to write to say thank you for their support and ask what we can do to help them secure financial support via federal funding and / or grants and / or earmarks to help Restore The Lakes.  CLICK HERE FOR A LIST FEDERAL SUPPORTERS AND SUGGESTED POINTS FOR YOUR LETTER


For Local County Commissioners, they need to hear your support to Restore The Lakes.  CLICK HERE FOR A LIST COUNTY COMMISSIONERS AND SUGGESTED POINTS FOR YOUR LETTER


For all your communications, please start with the subject line: "RESTORE THE MID-MICHIGAN LAKES"



How to Deliver your Message

The most efficient and timely manner to communicate with your

representatives is through their official web portals when available.

However, you may also email, send a letter through the US Mail or

make a phone call to their office.  Contact information for each local, state and federal representative is located in the Government Contacts page on this site.

Tracking our Progress
We want to know how many people have made contacts. After you have written, emailed or called, will you kindly send us an email letting us know who you contacted and how? Just click the email link below.

US government building
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