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  As property owners, local businesses, and friends of the lakes, we can contact government officials to gain their support to help restore the lakes. People often think that contacting their government officials will not have any effect. On the contrary, legislators are extremely interested in what the public has to say, and it can garner their support to our cause.


  While we see on media the approach toward a politician with a negative rant, we suggest a persuasive positive message seeking help will be more impactful. Positive relationships with state and local elected officials have been created from our initial RestoreTheLakes campaign and we continue to seek new friends to help.


As we contact elected officials, we propose the following key points:


  • Thank you for the continued support to help restore the Mid-Michigan lakes. We need your help today.

  • These dams were under federal oversight for three (3) decades before the failure.

  • We want the lakes restored, while we are willing to help, cost increases have put this out of reach for many property owners. There are under 8000 parcels on the 4 lakes being assessed.

  • Three years ago, thanks to the MI grant coupled with lower construction costs, the average cost to a property owner was estimated at about $525 annually.

  • Construction costs from just 3 years ago have doubled. The culprits are a market flush with projects due to Federal infrastucture spending causing upward pricing pressure, compounding annual double-digit inflation and escalating interest rates.

  • While construction costs have doubled, due to the amount of money required to be borrowed coupled with escalating interest rates, the current project average cost to a property owner will be about $2,171 annually. This includes an average $33,000 construction assessment payable over 40 years at 5% interest. The assessment paid over 40 years will cost the property owner over $77,000.

  • This is not sustainable for most.

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PROPOSED SOLUTIONS (we don’t seek one thing to solve the problem, rather a combination of ideas to benefit all):

  • Additional grant money will reduce the cost for ALL property owners. We don’t need all of it at once, or from a single place - - commitments will be helpful. Our need is $217 Million over the coming years from a combination of grants, appropriations, and earmarks with combined state and federal support.

  • A zero-interest loan for construction provides the opportunity to provide annual relief of $1,108 representing $44,320 over 40 years.

  • An annual appropriation of $2 Million per year has the potential to eliminate the operations / maintenance assessment for property owners providing about $245 in annual assessment relief.

  • A tax deduction to recognize the contribution property owners make to help restore these infrastructure dams.

  • We seek support for the Deferred Assessment Program introduced in the State to help the elderly and disabled that meet certain requirement to include a homestead property.

  • What programs can be put in place to help our local businesses along the lakes? Tax deductions, zero or low interest loan programs or assessment relief.

  • Are there other creative ideas available to help reduce the cost of assessments for ALL property owners?


       If you have other ideas or suggestions, please share them with us at the WHO ARE WE tab.


       Go to the WHO TO CONTACT tab to learn more . . .

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