The Lakes

This is a grassroots effort started by property owners on the Tittabawassee Waterway System to restore the Secord, Smallwood, Wixom and Sanford Lakes. Our mission is simple, it is in our name.


Restore The Lakes is a place where our lake communities, local businesses and friends can work together to restore the Mid-Michigan lakes. As a unified group, we can communicate our concerns to government officials in a thoughtful manner. 

The event of May 2020 was not a natural disaster. The failure of the dams has been decades in the making. Due to neglect by Federal agencies over the past fifteen years, the private owner did not comply with numerous requests to maintain the dams. When Boyce Hydro was recently fined $15 Million (after going bankrupt), it was too little, too late.

Our objective is to advise our local, state, and federal political leaders that the restoration of the lakes must be achieved with their assistance. We must show that we are actively involved and seeking their response to help restore the lakes. Collectively, we can greatly impact the outcome. The more funding we receive from the federal and state governments to restore the lakes, the lower the potential ongoing costs will be for property owners.

This is a CALL TO ACTION! You can do something to shape the future. Get involved and make yourself heard. We have made it easy for you by providing contact information for each government agency and the information you need to craft your own communications.

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