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Our local officials need to hear from us who support the restoration of our lakes. It is important for them to know that they have our support and that we are the majority! Be the spokesperson for your neighborhood and help our voices be heard!

For all your communications, please start with the subject line: "RESTORE THE MID-MICHIGAN LAKES"
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401 W Cedar Ave #8

Gladwin, MI 48624




Dear Commissioner [NAME]:

As a property owner and taxpayer, I am writing to express my SUPPORT for restoring the lakes. The plan of the Four Lakes Task Force (FLTF) as the Designated Authority is the best path forward and has my support. Speaking for myself and my neighbors, we want our lakes back!


With the special assessment being pushed back a year, this allows more time to secure additional funding from other sources to alleviate some of the financial burden on property owners and local government.  My friends and I are also writing letters to our State and Federal Representatives seeking financial support for the FLTF plan. We want to help you, as our local official, to Restore The Lakes.


Great progress has already been made by the FLTF on behalf of the lakes. In less than one year, they have raised more than $52 Million with $5 Million from private donations. This money has helped with the clean-up and stabilization of the dams and is expected to be enough to fund the engineering and design studies required for all the lakes.


They also worked with the state of Michigan to change a law to allow for a Special Assessment to be paid back over 40 years. This brings down the annual assessments to make it more affordable to homeowners. They worked with the USDA to secure commitments for long-term, low-interest financing.


The recent announcement of bipartisan bills within the Michigan State Legislature to provide significant funding to rebuild our dams offers encouragement.  You have my commitment to write letters to key legislators over the summer to move this through Committee, to the floor for a passing vote in both the House and Senate, then to the Governor’s desk for approval.  Passage of these bills, with significant funding to Restore The Lakes will reduce the financial burden to property owners. This is good for all of us.


My family and friends enjoy coming to the lake to take advantage of all the area has to offer including the local restaurants, shops, and businesses.  The restoration of the lakes is good for our property values, the local economy, the environment, and our well-being.


We do not want anything to slow the progress of restoring our lakes. We ask for your SUPPORT of the FLTF plan forward. There is no other viable alternative.





Gladwin, MI 48624

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