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The following US Senators and Representatives submitted a written request to both the EPA and FERC seeking their assistance and support to work with local officials, stakeholders, the State of Michigan and the FLTF as they move forward to repair and restore the dams.   


You can read their letter here:  U.S. Senators and Members of Congress from Michigan Support Lake Restoration - FOUR LAKES TASK FORCE (


The link below provides contact information and suggested talking points to the bipartisan Federal officials for their support to restore the lakes.  You can write a letter to:

  • Say Thank You for their bipartisan support to Restore the Lakes.

  • Express your support of the Four Lakes Task Force plans to restore the lakes.

  • Share what the support and assistance from the EPA and FERC will mean to you and your family.

  • Ask what you can do to help them secure financial support via federal funding and / or grants and / or earmarks to help Restore The Lakes?

For all your communications, please start with the subject line: "RESTORE THE MID-MICHIGAN LAKES"

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Dear [NAME]:


The purpose of this letter is to thank you for your letter seeking assistance and support from the EPA and FERC to help repair and restore the Mid-Michigan Lakes.   We look forward to federal assistance to restore the Mid-Michigan Lakes via the Four Lakes Task Force engineering plans.


Your letter recognizes the cost to the local communities along with how the previous owner filed for bankruptcy protection.  Our friends and neighbors in this area should not be solely responsible to pay for somebody else's neglect.  Unless outside financial support is secured, local property owners will need to exclusively foot the bill.  This is both not fair and a financial impossibility for property owners.


Michigan needs these Lakes to come back.  Your help and support will keep property values from further collapse while supporting the local tax base for schools and services.  Your help will aid the local economy. 


We value your support to restore the Lakes.  It seems Washington is interested in infrastructure, there is a $300 Million shovel ready project in your backyard that needs federal funding.  We have confidence in the Four Lakes Task Force plan to restore the Tittabawassee water system.


How can we help you secure federal funding and / or grants and / or earmarks to help restore our lives?








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