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If you live down state, or are a friend of the area, you can contact your local, state and federal elected officials.

You can let know you have friends in Mid-Michigan that need their help. Here are some links to help you find your state representatives or senator along with your local congressional official.


To look up your US Congressional representative:

To look up your MI State Senator:

To look up your MI State Representative:



Suggested Key Points of Your Letter

I am writing to seek your support to restore the lakes in Mid-Michigan. We have friends and family that were impacted by this disaster through no fault of their own. They need your help to rebuild and restore the lakes.

  • The May 2020 failure of the mid-Michigan dams was caused by the failure of federal regulators to hold a private dam owner in compliance.


  • Is not fair to hold property owners, who did nothing wrong, with footing the entire bill to restore the lakes.


  • Federal / state financial assistance is required to help restore the lakes. Earmarks may allow you to move quickly.


  • Restoring the Lakes will restore the local economy, restore property values, keep the local tax base from collapse and create jobs for Michigan.


  • The Four Lakes Task Force (FLTF) is finalizing a shovel ready $300 million infrastructure project that will help tens of thousands of Michiganders.


  • We support the FLTF plan to restore the lakes; but the investment is high and property owners should not be expected to shoulder the full burden.


  • We need your help to secure federal infrastructure funds to restore the lakes.


  • Financial support can be funds, grants, and earmarks.

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